Traditional stands

A tailor-made delivered turnkey project.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

A simple and effective methodology…

Creation process

Creating stands traditional or modular and layout of spaces… We support you in all your projects in France and aboard.

And because the finest achievements are born of simplicity, we give great importance to the transparency of trade and communication. Good listening to your needs, and a deep understanding of your business objectives, allow our office to offer you tailor-made solutions, while integrating your technical and budgetary constraints.

1 - Engineering and design

Analyze your needs and implement values the strong elements of your brand. If the role of the office is to design a project unique and unforgettable, it can also get the most economic solution, to allow you to optimise your return on investment

2 - Support

We support you in all your steps with the organizers of fairs, to facilitate different reservations of technical services (rental of suspended items, electric arrivals…)

3 - Manufacturing

The materials are defined according to to your demand and budgetary and technical constraints. A production manager leads the fabrication, check, pre-install the stand in the workshop in order to ensure the quality of the stand before the delivery.

4 - After the fair

Your show is finished, what do you want to make your stand?<br /> We can store or reuse it. You can also retrieve some items to decorate your premises.<br /> Otherwise we recondition used materials.

5 - Logistics management

We offer storage solutions as well as packages including transport, upgrade, refreshment, assembly, disassembly and storage of your existing stand.

After the fair

What to do with my stand after the show?

The manufacture of a stand represents a significant investment, whether human or financial. At Himalaya, we felt shame to throw away all this work after a few days of exposure. That’s why we decided to implement a communication and a re-use of each stand to measure program.

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