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Understand, develop and design

I strive for two things in design, simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.


The big question ?

What is that beautiful design?

A beautiful design is above all an excellent understanding of your values ​​and goals. It should esume the strong graphic elements of your brand or company, while incorporating a zoning perfectly suited to your human and material constraints.

A successful stand is above all a stand that provides an emotion. By its colors, its volumes or its originality, it must be impressive.
A successful design must not be complicated or overloaded. Simplicity, combined with elegance, is often the best way to enhance your products and and to inspire visitors to stop at your stand.

Design process

After reviewing your notebook loads, our Design office calls you, to know you better. The first ideas emerge then and a few tracks, in the form of sketches are sent to you. Very important, this first step allows you to position yourself, and project you quickly in volume of goals setting. After a few exchanges of ideas and adjustments, we are finalizing the selected track and model it in 3D. We then present a comprehensive study package, integrating several realistic views as well as a precise quantification of the project.

The project is perfect for me and after ?

Once the project is validated, we design the final construction drawings. These will be then submitted to the various organizers for validation. Once everything is ok, we will send you all sides plans and detailed so that you can also post them before sending in manufacturing.

Our Design office systematically control each element produced in the workshop, so that they are in line when your stand mounting.

Our design office in the service of your ROI.

If the work of our design office is to design a project that is unique and memorable, we can also take action in the calculation of return on your project.

Would you reuse your traditional stand ? We are able to keep the elements between 2 fairs and can establish you a storage numbering and reassembly over several years.


Would you invest in a modular and reusable solution ? We calculate for you, based on the number of events and different places of exhibition, the best value / price on the purchase of a structure or its renting.

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